Och Beset by Foreign Corruption Lawsuits

Chidem Kurdas

Class action lawyers are circling NYSE-listed Och-Ziff Capital Management Group like a posse of Indian braves whooping around a wagon.

Company founder Daniel Och, a Goldman Sachs veteran and highly successful survivor of the financial crisis, promises to put up a vigorous fight. But he may get scalped—that is, forced to pay a fortune to settle the lawsuits,


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2 Responses to “Och Beset by Foreign Corruption Lawsuits”

  1. Qaddafi, Mugabe, and other friends of Dan Och | Useful Stooges Says:

    […] allegations that it had deliberately and illegally tried to cover its dirty tracks. Indeed, it was reported in August that because of Och’s foreign-corruption issues, class-action lawyers were […]

  2. Och-Ziff Foreign Corruption Deal Expected | HedgeFundSmarts Says:

    […] the government continues probing the matter, groups of Och-Ziff public shareholders have sued the company. The lawsuits basically claim that Och-Ziff kept its share price artificially high by delaying the […]

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