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Funds Sell Delphi, Price Moves

April 24, 2012

Auto parts maker Delphi Automotive became a distressed trade for certain hedge funds when it went bankrupt several years ago. It emerged streamlined from bankruptcy and in November had an initial public offering. Some of the large (more…)

GMO in Gold Club, Reason Differs

March 7, 2012

Chidem Kurdas

The institutional manager Grantham Mayo Van Otterloo has a distinctive view on gold. Unlike most observers and gold buyers like John Paulson (more…)

Paulson Continues Gold Strategy

March 6, 2012

Chidem Kurdas

In January John Paulson started to climb out of the deep pool of red ink he got into last year but in February he went the wrong way, in part because gold prices declined. Despite (more…)

Citadel Retains Collateral Status

March 1, 2012

Institutions use their fund investments as collateral for borrowing money. But (more…)

Paulson Winning Trade Amid Losses

December 28, 2011

Chidem Kurdas

John Paulson’s funds are among the worst performers of 2011. Even a conservative version of his event-driven strategy lost more than 40% this year.  (more…)

Why Investors Go Lockstep

October 27, 2011

Chidem Kurdas

In the past several weeks I looked at six investors’ hedge fund portfolios. Five of them are relatively large, long-time investors. One gets a feeling of déjà vu (more…)

Chinese Company Restructuring Draws Big Funds

October 25, 2011

Here’s a dramatic instance of distressed debt investing on a global stage. (more…)

Paulson Loss From Macro Perspective

September 8, 2011

Paulson & Co.’s widely reported heavy loss in event arbitrage raises a question. Other funds with the similar strategy (more…)

Paulson Keeps Cachet

December 20, 2010

Investors that redeemed from Paulson & Co. remain interested in putting money into other funds managed by the firm. This may be because many customers took their capital out with a hefty gain, despite losses in the first eight months of this year. (more…)

Harvard Joins Gold Rush

December 15, 2010

Endowments have joined hedge funds in buying gold and silver stocks, attracted to some of the same producers. Whether these big buyers will hold long-term or bail out in expectation of a correction in booming precious metals is a key question for market participants. (more…)