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Wrong Diagnosis, Bad Remedy

July 30, 2015

Chidem Kurdas

A consensus emerged after the 2008 election, which brought a Democrat to the White House and enhanced Democrats’ control of Congress. With regard to the financial crisis, a simple Democratic message, diligently echoed in the media, dominated political and policy making scenes.  (more…)


Why Dodd-Frank Favors the Big

July 23, 2015

The short answer to that question is (more…)

Competition v Influence: Brandeis v Obama

July 8, 2015

Chidem Kurdas

We are witnessing (more…)

More Regulation; Fewer Firms

March 20, 2014

Chidem Kurdas

Financial crises almost invariably (more…)

Systemic Risk Measures as Holy Grail

August 5, 2013

Chidem Kurdas

The question of whether private equity and hedge funds pose widespread risk to the financial system is (more…)

Goldman on Bond Market Volatility

June 20, 2012

Goldman Sachs credit managers expect sharp (more…)

Alternatives: Goldman vs. JP Morgan

January 18, 2012

Chidem Kurdas

Do alternative investments, primarily private equity and hedge funds, have a future at investment banks? (more…)

Old Guard Exits Changing Industry

September 14, 2011

Chidem Kurdas

Caxton Associates’ founders Bruce Kovner and Peter D’Angel issued the latest in a series of retirement letters by well-known hedge fund managers. Exiting managers give different reasons for their decision, but in the main they’re tired of dealing with at least one of three temperamental forces—- (more…)

Regulatory Impact on Goldman Sachs Funds

May 10, 2011

The Dodd-Frank Act’s coming effect on Goldman Sachs hedge funds can’t be large because those assets have already shrunk. (more…)