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Tulips and Technology

February 11, 2016


Chidem Kurdas

Next month it will be 16 years since the (more…)


Siren Call of Shorts

June 18, 2015

So many shaky markets; (more…)

Tricky Tops

March 3, 2015

It has taken 15 years for the (more…)

Treasury Bonds and Abigail Adams

July 3, 2014

Chidem Kurdas

When Alexander Hamilton, George Washington’s Secretary of the Treasury, proposed the Bank of the United States, his plan was at least as controversial as the 2008 bank bailouts some 220 years later. (more…)

Soros in Platinum: Will Gold Dim?

November 9, 2010

Many hedge funds have tracked the dizzying rise in gold and silver, but that is probably old hat. Too many traders are already there and these commodities are expensive. There may be greater room for gain in platinum and palladium. (more…)