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AQR on Acquisition Spree

February 14, 2013

AQR Capital, a behemoth with $70.7 billion (more…)

MF Global Debt Dents Funds

December 14, 2011

Despite the $1 billion or more that is still missing from their accounts, MF Global brokerage clients are more likely to get their money compared to another group of creditors (more…)

Funds, Corporate Governance and Christian Dior

November 29, 2011

Chidem Kurdas

Most funds do not bother to try to shape corporate governance; if they don’t like what’s going in a company, they just sell it. But there are exceptions. (more…)

Chinese Company Restructuring Draws Big Funds

October 25, 2011

Here’s a dramatic instance of distressed debt investing on a global stage. (more…)