All Hail the American People


I have to admit I did not think the people would be able to overcome the power of the political oligarchy, the immense amount of money backing the corrupt Clinton machine and the overwhelming media bias in her favor.

But Americans did it. And they’ve done it before.

In 1800 Thomas Jefferson put an end to the once powerful Federalists’ regime. He had expected the majority to support him and they did. Jefferson considered the change a second American Revolution.

In 1828, Andrew Jackson won against the elite favorite, President John Quincy Adams of the Adams dynasty. John Quincy, a Harvard professor, called Jackson a barbarian who couldn’t spell his own name. Jackson had little formal education but was a very capable self-made man.

There’s more on these electoral shifts in my new book, Seven Reasons to Love the Constitution: A History of American Political Achievement, on Amazon:

In the 20th century voters carried Ronald Reagan to the White House despite opposition from the intelligentsia. Given the historical record, I should have had more faith in the people.

For Donald Trump’s triumph is their triumph.  To be sure Mr. Trump led the movement and gave it voice. But it is the many millions behind him who made his success possible. The result would not have surprised Jefferson, who always advocated the people’s right to choose for themselves.


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