Are You Deplorable? Take the Test.

If you are unsure whether you are among those Hillary Clinton called deplorable, here is a quick test. Pick one answer for each question and learn your standing at the end.

1-Some 20 years ago Donald Trump called a Venezuelan beauty queen who’d gained weight “Miss Piggy.” Upon hearing this, you   a. Laugh  b. Smile  c. Scowl  d. Burn the American flag in protest at the next Trump rally.

2- While she was Secretary of State Hillary Clinton used an unprotected private server for emails containing confidential government information. In your opinion  a. She’s not qualified to be President.  b. Her judgment is bad.  c. This minor matter should be ignored.   d. Donald Trump is a psycho Russian agent.

3-In Libya Hillary Clinton pursued a policy that resulted in American deaths and the country becoming a haven for the Islamic State. In your opinion  a. She’s not qualified to be President. b. Her judgment is bad.   c. This minor matter should be ignored.  d. Anyone who mentions the Benghazi deaths is a sexist pig.

4- A cop shoots a black man. You   a. Ask if the man looked like he carried a weapon.  b. Suggest cops can make mistakes in critical situations.  c. Express outrage.  d. Rush out to set somebody’s car on fire.

5- A black man shoots a cop. You   a. Are angry.  b. Feel sad.  c. Ignore the incident but beef up your private security.  d.Celebrate by stealing a wide-screen TV.

Face the Music:

If you picked (a) on all questions, you are irredeemably deplorable and should immediately quit polluting the Earth with your presence.

If you picked (b), you are deplorable but you might be redeemed if you repent on your knees in a public ceremony and vote Democrat for the rest of your life.

If you picked (c) you are currently free of the deplorable taint but need to be careful to avoid it in the future.

If you picked (d), Congratulations! You are totally non-deplorable and the epitome of political correctness.  


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