How Bill Clinton Gets Third Term

Chidem Kurdas


Hillary Clinton brought up her husband in campaign speeches, providing material for critics. She pointed to the strong economy during his presidency and said – though this was hedged later by her staff – that he’d be in charge of the economy if she and he once again land in the White House.

They presented themselves as co-presidents in their earlier sojourn there and clearly plan to be co-presidents again. But this time one co-president will be a former president.

Perhaps that does not violate the letter of the 22nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, ratified in 1951: “No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice…” It certainly violates the spirit, meant to prevent the buildup of political power by one person. While Bill is not the one officially running for the office, he campaigns like a candidate and is expected to share presidential authority.

In a Twitter message, Donald Trump taunted that Bill should run for President if he’s going to make major decisions. But of course Bill cannot run. One way of viewing Hillary’s candidacy is as an end run around the Constitutional term limit.

Given the potential for attacks on this and other aspects of the partnership, why did Hillary say Bill will take charge of economic matters? Why not let sleeping dogs lie?

Let’s face it. Hillary’s much-vaunted qualifications are smoke and mirrors. Her strength boils down to—well, Bill. Without him, she would not be where she is. Even with him and the party establishment at her back, Bernie Sanders got the better of her in at least 16 states.

She made the comments about Bill while campaigning in Kentucky – a conservative state where the socialist Sanders almost beat her – and Oregon—where he did beat her. When the going gets tough, Hillary invokes the woman card and Bill The Great. Her candidacy is like a satiric joke on feminism. She runs on ambition, greed and her hubby.

If Bill does not receive his third term via Hillary, maybe he should get divorced & try again with Monica Lewinsky. But he is an exceptionally shrewd political operator with an uncanny ability to twist and turn. He may succeed in helping Hillary to the office they both wish to occupy again.

As for the 22nd Amendment, recall what Bill once said about his affair with Monica: It depends on what you mean by sex. To adapt to the present situation: It depends on what you mean by President.


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