Goldman Liberty Harbor Raised Over $500M

Chidem Kurdas

Liberty Harbor, the $5 billion credit manager that is part of Goldman Sachs, has

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4 Responses to “Goldman Liberty Harbor Raised Over $500M”

  1. Underserved Loan Market Attracts Investors | HedgeFundSmarts Says:

    […] Top News and Analysis about Non-Traditional Investing « Goldman Liberty Harbor Raised Over $500M […]

  2. Goldman Liberty Harbor Seeks SEC Consent | HedgeFundSmarts Says:

    […] Liberty Harbor has not yet made an initial public offering, it raised money from several private placement transactions during the summer. For these it issued in total $516 million of equity. About 20% of the equity is owned by the […]

  3. Goldman Liberty Harbor Invests Before IPO | HedgeFundSmarts Says:

    […] BDC was organized in September 2012 and filed in March/April 2013 to go public. In the meantime it raised over half a billion dollars in private deals and has invested about $330 million of this capital in a variety of industries, ranging from […]

  4. Goldman Liberty Harbor Gets Premier Investor | HedgeFundSmarts Says:

    […] deal with the University of California follows other private share sales that raised more than $500 million in 2013 for the Liberty Harbor BDC. The Goldman bank holding company still owns 19.9% of company‚Äôs […]

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