Pine River Among Favored Managers

Those funds of funds that survived the shakeout searched for new investments in 2010. What are the favorites? One of the names one hears is Nisswa.  

Pine River Capital Management, headquartered in Minnetonka, Minnesota, runs several strategies in a family of funds called Nisswa. These have been among the recipients of allocations from large funds of funds.

Nisswa Fixed Income was ranked a top-performing billion-dollar fund by Eurekahedge.   Manager Steve Kuhn is a mortgage-backed securities alumnus of Goldman Sachs.

Pine River has other products as well, including Ishin Master Fund, registered with the Taiwan Stock Exchange. Brian Taylor founded Pine River in 2002. Early in his career he was a trader at the financial markets unit of Cargill, the commodities giant.

The firm’s assets have grown substantially in the past 12 months, rising from around $2 billion in early 2010 to over $4 billion this year.


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