Blenheim Goes for Industrial Metals

Chidem Kurdas

Willem Kooyker’s commodity trading firm, Blenheim Capital Management, has bought the shares of a number of industrial metal producers.  Blenheim is one of the largest futures trading managers.

Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc., a big copper producer, is among the stocks purchased by Mr. Kooyker. Another is Teck, a Canadian company that is a leader in the production of copper, steelmaking coal and zinc.

Century Aluminum is also in Blenheim’s portfolio. The large commodity firm Glencore International created Century Aluminum as a holding company for the aluminum producers it owns.

While investor and media attention tend to gravitate to gold with its steep rise in recent years, commodity specialists like Mr. Kooyker favor industrial metals because rapid growth in China has created immense demand for such commodities. That demand is expected to persist, favoring producers of copper and aluminum. 

Blenheim also has positions in oil companies.


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